Create in me.

Friday night is that art gallery.

That one with MY art in it.

I made art and people are going to look at it.

I feel weird about that.

I feel like I am writing a Rob Bell book right now with all these spaces between my lines so I will stop. after this next one…

So on top of the pressure I am feeling about putting my work on display, my dear friend and art curator, Bambi, has asked that I write up a quick bio to be displayed with my stuff. Yikes. I have to write something about me? Little ol’ me? I guess I could write about not being an artist who happens to make art….booorrrriiingg, or about being a teacher who makes art our of glitter and foam….booorrriiing. And to make matters worse the artist from last month had this deep story about cancer taking one of her eyes and then becoming a painter….how are you supposed to top that? I guess it isn’t about topping her, but you know what I mean. So here I sit, listening to the Patty Griffin Pandora station while my husband attaches paper mache hot air balloons to my canvas and I search for inspiration. You, my faithful blog readers will be the first to see my finished bio… Here goes nothing (add extra space for dramatic effect.)

Laci Wong: In all of my 26 years I have never considered myself an artist, or even artistic in the least. I probably still wouldn’t. The fact is, I see things other places or sometimes even in my daydreams, and I think to myself “I could do/make/cook that.” For a long time in my life I would think it, but it would never come to fruition. So, in the past few years I have ventured into the life of becoming a “connoisseur of the DoItYourself.”
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And then, He created me. So maybe my timeline is a little off, but you are following right? So this super creative God, not only created me, but created me “in His image.” Wow. So he made me like Him.  So what that means is that He made me/us at least a little bit creative right? The last few years have been a journey into me finding out what that looks like. Not just admiring His creation and the creation He works through others, but getting involved myself. Some of the things I have tried have been a mess, but certainly not all of them, and it’s such a joy to see God work in me creatively in ways I never thought were possible. So hopefully a few of my pieces leave you thinking “I could do that.” Because you can. Because God loves you perfectly and the power that raised His Son from the dead lives inside of you, and you are capable of so much more than you think.


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