We went to California!

I promise we had a good time. Life has been crazy. Literally, I am going to do my best to update this blog with everything that has happened in the last few months but it may take  a few weeks so just follow along…

First, we went to California! It was so fun! We were out there for 10 days visiting Brandon’s extended family on both sides. It was fun to meet family members I have never met, and for both of use to see family members we hadn’t hung out with since the wedding. We did so many things too. Thanks to Brandon’s cousin Bryan, we got to spend a free day at the happiest place on Earth plus california adventure. We even spent a few days in Sequoia National Park. We met up for lunch with Jon Bennett, and spend a day in lovely Santa Barbara with the amazing Josh and Alyssa Canada. We went to Newport Beach one day with Brandon’s parents too. It was seriously a great way to (almost) end the summer. We felt so blessed to know so many great people out there. Can’t wait to go back. Here are some pics so you can visualize what a great time it really was.

I forgot to mention how much amazing food we had there too. Oh my goodness! First of all, I am so glad I married into a Chinese family for several reasons but one has got to be the food. We also stopped and had the world’s best fresh orange ice cream, yum! Plus, who doesn’t love In-n-out?






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