2 Wongs make a……

I am 18 weeks pregnant. Whoa, almost halfway. Seems a little bizarre considering we just started telling people the good news not so many weeks ago. It has been a really exciting time here at the Wong household. This weekend, we gathered our loved ones together to find out what flavor this sweet little lad or lass is.

We had our ultrasound on Thursday and kindly asked the nurse to not tell us the gender of Baby Wong (BW) but to write it down and put it in a little envelope. She did so, and even scotch-taped it closed so I, being quite the sneaky mommy wouldn’t catch a glimpse of the news. I drove directly to my friend Devan‘s house to deliver the envelope. Her job was to show up on Saturday afternoon and fill a giant box full of pink or blue balloons, and then wrap it up and wait for me to lose my mind. I joked with her several times that our friendship may or may not last the 2 days between me delivering the envelope, and me getting to open the box. But she was so gracious and did such a great job, even with her sweet twin girls in tow. So, Saturday night came. I was literally dying with anticipation, and with 40 members of our friends and family gathered around our living room, this is what transpired…

So there you have it, Baby Wong #1 is a boy. We are so exciting, my pinterest is already blowing up with sweet gentleman bowties and mustaches. We felt so blessed to have so many friends and family there with us!


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