2 Wongs get a pupster.

I love dogs. No but really, I grew up always having a dog in the house. They are truly sweet companions. Since moving to Charlotte I have been blessed enough to know people that have dogs so I can get my occasionally puppy “fix,” but never ventured out into the world of dog ownership. Then I married Brandon. He, on the other hand, did not grow up with a dog, or any pet at all, so he was not against the idea of having a dog, just indifferent, and understandably concerned with the amount of work that a dog can bring into our  lives. So 4 months ago when I said, “Let’s get a dog or try to have a baby.” He chose baby and I was fairly convinced my dreams of a dog anytime in the near future were over. I of course, continued to “ooo and ahhh” and stare every time we saw a dog anywhere and I think I may have worn my husband down because one evening he said…”let’s go look at puppies this weekend. ”

I looked at him calmly in the face and said “If you don’t want a dog, I really don’t want us to get one.” (While my insides were screaming and jumping for joy.) His response was “You better take me up on this offer now, or I may never want a dog again.” So the story goes, one day later we were filling out an application for a little shepard/lab mix pup, and 2 days later he was at our house.

Introducing, Maximus Wong, (Max to his friends)


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