2 Wongs make a house a home…

So, I guess I have started a trend in naming this posts…it probably won’t last. ha. But it’s cute for now right? I realized that I haven’t done a lot of updating on our house projects. Actually, I haven’t even mentioned on the blog that we bought a house. It’s a pretty big deal for us, and so I am going to try and update you on how the house is coming, especially for those of you who live far away and haven’t seen the progress. So today I will start with the living room.

This is what it looked like when we bought it.

The carpet was nasty and the rest was, well, you can see the rest. It’s pretty big and connects directly to the kitchen behind the cameraman.

Here it is in phase 2. No carpet, and a light grey/blue paint on the wall.

Currently, It’s the one room in our house I could be satisfied saying “It is finished.” But, is anything ever really finished? Probably not. But until then, here is how it looks now.

Pay no attention to my delay in taking down my Valentine’s Day decorations, in their defense, they went up after Valentine’s Day.

Credit goes to the very talented Ben Fink on our lovely floors. Oh yeah, and that random ottoman over by the way doesn’t really go there, the puppy needed more space to run on the rug, and the puppy gets what he wants.


2 thoughts on “2 Wongs make a house a home…

  1. that paint color is phenomenal and EXACTLY what i have been wanting in our living room… where did you get it and what is the name of the color?? did a great job, girlie! love you guys!

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