A Baby Story

Baby Wong has arrived! Exciting times around here and we couldn’t be more filled with the joy at the early arrival of our precious little babe.

So I guess I will start at the beginning, for those of you not interested in the details of labor and delivery ( I promise not to get to graphic) You can just scroll to the pics of his sweet little face and I won’t be offended, for those of you who are interested….well here we go.

From Friday the 15th- Monday the 18th we were in Northern Indiana for a really great lakeside baby shower. We got to see so many great friends and family, but the 11 hour car rides were really hard on my very pregnant body. I think I started running a fever sometime Sunday but I never had a thermometer handy to actually prove that to be true. Tuesday I spent the day resting around the house recovering from the weekend away and preparing for dinner with Brandon’s brother Justin that evening. Brandon was supposed to be home around 5:30 so I was dressed and ready and sitting on the couch. At 5:45 I was watching Cash Cab and felt a large amount of pressure and well, a large flow of water. I stood in shock for a second, poor Max staring at me like “what the heck was that!” I was in shock considering I was supposed to have 5 weeks left before this.

I called Brandon but he was on the motorcycle and didn’t get my call. I left a voice mail that said something like ” I hope you are almost home because my water just broke.” When he got home one minute later, he was asking how my day was an found me standing in the kitchen on the towel still looking shocked and calling the doctor. Because I was early, and hadn’t had my strep B test or anything yet they told us to come on in to the hospital. Brandon “thebomb.com/husbandofthecentury” packed our bags in a flash and installed our car seat and we were off.

By 7:30 we were checked into the hospital and I was strapped up to what felt like a thousand monitors and hooked up to my first IV ever. I was only 3 cms, and I in fact was running that fever I thought I might have been over the weekend. This fact would flip my “birth plan” pretty much upside down. Brandon and I had weeks of natural childbirth training. He was ready to be my number one support man as we labored naturally for the many hours we had in mind. I was going to eat popsicles and breath heavily and sit in the bath for a bit, and he was going to encourage and massage my feet. It was going to be lovely right? Well, that stinky fever seemed to be coming from a virus, and they wanted to get our baby out before it became an issue for him too. Our amazing doctor used the word Pitocin before I could plug my ears. He basically told me he wanted to give me as much as he could to speed up delivery as fast we could to get that baby out before this fever much affect. So, long story short, at 9:00 I had my first dose of Pitocin, at 10:00 I faced my lifelong fear of having an epidural, at 11:00 I was 5 cm and they were telling me to expect to about 5 more hours of labor. At 12:00 Brandon laid down to take a nap and I ordered a grape popsicle. at 12:10 the nurse caught me gripping both handrails on the bed and asked what was the matter. I told her that I felt a really large amount of pressure. She checked me and I believe her words were “Well, there’s your baby.” Needless to say, Brandon was no longer taking that nap, and an hour later at 1:08 Judah Obi Wong was born, a very healthy 6 lbs 8 oz, 19 inches long. The nurses didn’t believe he was five weeks early and I loved how much he looked like his dad.

Here’s the recap:
5:45- water breakage
7:30-checked into the hospital 3 cms
9:00- Pitocin
10:00- Epidural
11:00- 5 cms
12:00- 10 cms
1:08- Baby’s here

We have had plenty of visitors and love having them so feel free to swing by. Grandma Liggett is here for the week, and he has already had his newborn pics taken so look forward to seeing those soon!


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