Pantry Party

As it turns out, I didn’t take a good picture of the pantry when we moved into this house. Probably because I had no desire to get that close. But if you look at the picture above there is a little entryway to the right that is our pantry. It had a folding door that was also pretty ugly and after wrestling with the idea for a bit, we decided to remove it. Now, I knew that removing the door meant that our pantry would always be on display and that meant keeping it semi organized.

I will start by saying that the pantry was gross. It has 4 shelves in it. all of which were covered in this weird sticky goo that was unidentifiable. So, one shelf at a time they stood in the backyard while Mr. Wong and I took turns scrubbing them down with brillo pads and hosing them off. Eventually, the scum was removed and the shelves were allowed back in the house. Where I quickly realized that keeping the pantry organized meant buying containers (baskets, bins, jars, something) to keep our non perishables contained. So off to Target we went with baskets on the brain, and ended up with these beauties.

I am in love with the 2 middle ones on the third shelf, but of course they were  on clearance and there was only those 2, (I even checked the surrounding targets. So I snatched up those 2 and found some others that matched fairly well and came home to sort out the goods. As you can see, I was really only halfway to organized but it stayed that way for 10 months because who can stay at school from seven to five and worry about their pantry when they get home? Not this girl.

After Judah was born I think I finally started nesting (he came too early to nest before he got here) and there were suddenly all these projects I wanted to finish, including the pantry. So, with the help of one half of our summer roommates (the lovely Lauren) more on our roommates to come, one of Judah’s first field trips was to Ikea to purchase some airtight jars.

And now, my pantry looks like this. ( I would personally like to thank a week of morning naptimes for helping me complete this project.)

As you can probably tell, it isn’t the easiest getting a full shot of the pantry because the adjacent well is about 2 steps away, but I am happy with the way it turned out. Who knew just a couple of jars could make such a difference!

Thanks for sticking around and reading an entire post about a pantry. You are seriously a trooper.


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