Yarn wrapped letters

Although taking care of Judah takes up most of my time. I have been trying my best to use some of my time at home to work on some projects around our “work in progress” home. Most of them are getting done during naptime or after the baby is asleep at night. I should also say that almost all of the ideas for these projects come from pinterest and I am pumped about the way they are turning out. Hopefully I will be able to blog about them all. So in not necessarily the order that i completed them in, here is number one.

Yarn wrapped letters for the bedroom. I had ordered this canvas of my favorite wedding photo from a groupon ages ago but it ended up being just a tad to small for the space above our bed where I wanted it to live. I had done a few yarn wrapped letters in the past, one for my sister in law and one for the wreath on my front door, so I knew it was doable. I got some wooden letters from hobby lobby at three bucks a pop. You could really use any material that’s sturdy enough. I bought some yellow yarn in a color that I thought would match our quilt (whole bedroom post to come) it only cost a few bucks as well because I didn’t need it to be soft or anything. I wrapped them up, I do each letter twice to make sure the wood is all covered up and straight letters are much easier than curved ( darn that B.) Another great thing about these is that they are super light. I just stapled a little piece of wire to the back of each and hung them with a tack! No big holes makes me a happy girl and makes it much more forgiving of mistakes.

It turned out really great and you can do these in any size or color. For just a few bucks they make great gifts or just a little added flavor to your own home. Let me know if you’ve tried it!


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