Tuesday Truth – Who is the Son?

I started reading Hebrews today. I didn’t make it past the third verse and I am ok with that because man is that third verse a doozy. We can learn so much about who Jesus is from this one short verse and if our goal in our own lives is to be more like the person of Jesus than how valuable should this verse be to us personally?

1. He is the RADIANCE of God’s glory and the EXACT representation of his being.

2. He sustains alllllll things by the power of his word.

3. He provided purification for sin. And we know from reading the gospels that it’s OUR sin.

4. And He sits at the right hand of God. Right now. Seriously. He is there now sitting watching and waiting to return as He has promised us he will.

Take some time today to think about who Jesus is and what that means to you. Happy Tuesday!


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