Thumb Tack Art

I just want to share a super easy project I just finished. It turned out so well and easy that I want to put them all over the house but that may or may not be tacky……

Anyway, I originally made this to go along with another project in my dining room but it looked so darn cute above our bedroom door that I let it live there.  Sorry that there aren’t step by step photos for this, but I didn’t know how well it would turn out, so it was more of a test than an actual project. So all you visual people out there….sorry!

So here are the steps for the one I did. i am sure that you can modify this a thousand different ways using tons of creative!

1. I cut a piece of cardboard the length I wanted from an old box we had lying around. In hindsight I would have used something thicker because the tacks stuck out the back. Maybe styrofoam or just thicker cardboard.

2. I wrapped it with some fabric I got at Hobby Lobby on sale and glued it around the edge of the back of the cardboard.

3. I printed out the word in the font and size I wanted from Microsoft Word and laid it out over the fabric.

4. This part someone needs to do differently and tell me how they did it because it wasn’t exactly easy and it took way to much time. After the word was laid out over the fabric I just stuck all my pins in and then took them out and re- stuck them in the holes I had made.

5. Then I covered the back with construction paper so that the tacks wouldn’t stick the walls. (real nice I know, but who sees the back??)

Voila! Finished project.



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