Pictures framed

I like to think that most things in my home fall into one of these categories.
1. It has sentimental value.
2. We bought it somewhere special.
3. I made it.
4. We got a really great deal on it.

We recently put together an entryway table by our front door in our dining room that I totally love.

That green elephant lamp is from World Market and was a gift from Brandon on Mother’s Day when I was very pregnant with Judah.
The typewriter was a garage sale buy. It’s totally cute and it works!
The tiny cup and saucer on the shelf I picked up for two bucks at an antique mall with Mary and Heidi.
And the frame is something I put together recently.

A little over a year ago my sweet friend Kate sadly moved away from Charlotte and they had to leave some big trash items in their shed until they could be picked up later and asked Brandon and I to move the things to the curb. Well in the process I found this big frame and Kate said I could have it. It was originally kind of a gold color. Pretty but not my style.
So I spray painted it this pretty purplish grey color, attached some wire to the back in three rows, and bought some mini clothespins to attach sweet Judah’s newborn pics. It’s a really special piece in our home now and it was totally easy to do!


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