Thursday Thoughts

So here is what I have been thinking about recently… It’s hilarious. Basically, if you are a mom or work with kids or know kids, or want kids, then you will think this is hilarious. Only head over there if you have a few minutes though because you will want to read all of them in one sitting, which is like trying to wash your hair and shave your legs all in the same shower with a newborn in your house.

2. Scarves. Really cute scarves. Really Really cute. Not only are they cute, but the company model is incredible. They help create sustainable jobs for women in Africa. And the scarves are really cute. And it’s fall ya’ll! Living in North Carolina means to dress for fall all I have to do is take my summer clothes add leggings, boots, and scarves and we are set to go! Not like in Indiana where I could do that for about a day and then immediately started dressing like an eskimo.

3. I am going bald. No, seriously, I really think I am. Now, I don’t mean this to offend people who really are losing their hair for any of many unfortunate reasons, but let’s talk truth here people. I heard that after you have  a baby you may lose some hair but “some” hair is not what I am losing, we are talking handfuls of hair in the shower and brush clogging amounts after that. Plus it’s all over me and the baby. I am worse than Max! I have the all day feeling you get when you know there is a hair on the backside of your arm but you just can’t find it..arrrrggghhh. prayers appreciated. I read online the average person loses about 150 hairs a day but a few months after delivering a baby you can lose up to 500 a day!!!! In the meantime I am considering wigs.

4. New Girl is back. If you don’t watch this show then I don’t know what you are waiting for. It is pure hilarity.

5. Did you hear we are getting a puppy? Yes, another puppy. Yes we have an 8 month old puppy. Yes we have a 3 month old child. Yes, everyone thinks we are insane, even maybe we think we are insane. Here is some justification for what may seem like a little bit of a crazy decision….
a. He is absolutely adorable and it has been an almost lifelong dream of mine to have a puppy like him.
b. Max needs someone to play with. Yes we love Max and we play with him and go on walks and such, and probably gets more love than a lot of other dogs, but with the babe around we can’t always be there for the companionship he needs.
c. We knew we eventually wanted 2 dogs for the above reason and we figure we aren’t going to stop having kids anytime soon so this would be the best time to have 2 puppies in the house, before Judah is mobile and more babies come along.
d. maybe we are just suckers for cuteness, I mean look at this little guy. Meet Bruce Wayne (yes aka Batman)


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