A Friday Freebie

I like food. I like to cook even, but I don’t love going to the grocery store. In an effort to spend money a little more wisely I try to weekly plan our meals and buy everything we need all at one time. But, I was picking meals, making the list, and then forgetting what I had bought certain things for and things were going bad before I could use them. I needed a way to remember more clearly what I had planned, and I needed a list that would get me through the grocery store before a certain little someone decided that our time for shopping was over. So, here is the list I use, feel free to download it, change it, do whatever you want with it, but I love it because it helps me plan my meals, then sort it out, fold on the dotted line and use the other half for my grocery run. Good stuff. There are 2 pages so you can print 2 to a page if you are in for using less paper. Happy Planning!



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