31 Days

I am linking up with the nester for the 31 day challenge. If you don’t read her blog yet, well you should. Plus she is local to Charlotte so that’s a plus right?? So what’s this 31 day thing about? Well she has asked that we pick one topic to blog about everyday for the 31 days of October. That’s quite the challenge but I have chosen to accept it. So my topic is, 31 days of pure joy. I am going to do my best to blog everyday about real, true, honest to goodness, joy found in scripture. Whether it be big or small. So please join me for the next 31 days on this journey. If you miss a day or two and need to catch up there will be a cutesy little button on the sidebar where you can find this page and a link to all the 31 day blogs.

Day One: Great Expectations

Day Two: Shameless Audacity

Day Three: A Harvest

Day Four: He Saves, Not Me

Day Five: Laughable

Day 6: Gifts

Day 7: Be Still

Day 8: An Anchor

Day 9: Nothing

Day 10: Because

Day 11: Strength

Day 12: Precious

Day 13: Wisdom

Day 14: Wait

Day 15: Justice

Day 16: Mercy

Day 17: Mercy

Day 18: Covenant

Day 19: Creator

Day 20: Findable

Day 21: Enough

Day 22: Flawless

Day 23: Compelling

Day 24: Soveriegn

Day 25: Broken

Day 26: Influence

Day 27: New

Day 28: Plans

Day 29: Fighter

Day 30: Because of Love

Day 31: We Win


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