31 days of Pure Joy. Day 1. Expectations

John 4 contains the story of a Samaritan woman of..well… not the best reputation. She had a handful of husbands, and the man she was currently in cahoots with was not one of them. It was a normal day. She was headed to the well to get some water. No big deal. Chances are she did it almost everyday.

But the Man she met at the well flip turned her life upside down…fresh prince style. She wanted water, he gave her living water, the kind that comes with the gift of eternal life.

There are SO many good things about this story. SO many. But, what brings me the most joy out of the everyday journey that the Samaritan woman made to the well was that she expected it to be a normal day.

How many days to we wake up expecting a normal day? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we wake up wanting…needing…a normal day. But sometimes we get so comfortable in our normal day that our eyes are closed to what God can do..amen? But how much joy can we receive in knowing that God can take our normal days, even when we aren’t expecting him to, and make them life changing.

(You just read day one of 31 days of pure joy. To read some more of this series…click here.)


2 thoughts on “31 days of Pure Joy. Day 1. Expectations

  1. Thank you for doing this series, Laci! I, too, am using October to focus on being more joyful, grateful, and appreciative of the blessings in my life. I am going to use your scripture posts to add another dimention to it! You can be sure I’ll be following!

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