I had a birthday!

Man are things around here getting exciting! Basically, I had a birthday and it was really great. 🙂

I started the day off with these DELICIOUS birthday pancakes. So what if I got myself together a little to late and had to eat them by myself because Brandon had to leave for work? They were so good, and I will definitely making them for anyone at my house who is having/has recently had/ is about to have/has ever had/ a birthday. Click the picture for the recipe. Even if it isn’t your birthday, someone, somewhere, is.

My friend, Mary, got me  some really sweet gold earrings with pearl centers. So far I have gotten two gifts from Brandon. One precious mini loaf pan which I have already used to make tiny precious mini banana breads, and a really cute address stamp because I loved our old one but it doesn’t have our new address on it. I say that is what I have gotten “so far” because Brandon says that there is another gift on it’s way in the mail! Woohoo, in all seriousness I love gifts. It’s my love language and my husband knows it. Have I mentioned my husband is the bestest.

I spent most of my birthday, like everyday, with this handsome guy. I swear he gets cuter everyday. He gets that from his dad.
Then, Brandon picked up dinner from a local place so we didn’t have to worry about going out, or cooking. It was fried, and delicious, and involved fried pickles which interestingly enough I don’t like pickles or ranch, but I am a fan of an occasional fried pickle dipped in ranch. For those of you unaware, fried pickles are kind of the food that Charlotte is known for, I had never tasted them until I moved here. They are salty, fried, goodness.

Then, we kept Judah up past bedtime and went to Bruster’s to get ice cream. yum. Yes I do realize that half of this post is already about food, I don’t usually indulge this often but I am almost thirty, come on it was a celebration. Anyway, I wanted peanut butter puddles but they never have it so I got Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, my other favorite.

So the birthday was awesome. I am sure I am leaving some things out. I have been very blessed to have these 28 years on Earth. In the last year we have moved into our own home, had one baby, been blessed with one beautiful niece, and bought 2 puppies. It’s been a great year and I can’t wait to see what the next one brings.


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