31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 4. He Saves, Not Me

I have a handful of favorite stories from the bible. Stories that get me real excited about reading the bible, those pages are worn out while some have only been touched once or twice. sad but true. This is one of them.  I realize that picture above is a little blurry but my techie/handsome husband isn’t around to help me. Anyway…

If you get a chance to read Mark 2 today, you should do it. There is a lovely story about four men who carry a paralyzed man on a mat to see Jesus. The bible says that there was no more room to see him, not even outside the door, so they opened a hole in the roof and lowered him in.

Now, it’s easy to read past that part to the part where Jesus heals him and he walks away, but goodness gracious they carried him….to the top of the roof, which I am sure was no easy task, then created a hole and lowered him down it to where Jesus was. Whoa! Those are some good friends people! Who has God blessed you with that would do all that so that you could get to Jesus?

Even though those men did everything they could making the story so beautiful, the joy I want to take from this story is that those men, however loving and caring and faithful they were in carrying that man to Jesus, they didn’t save him or heal him. Jesus did that part. There are people in my life that I feel like I did everything I could to “save” them. I, at times, find myself upset that I have done so much and they aren’t “saved” yet. Thank goodness that isn’t my job. Yes, it is my job to do all that I can, but there is a little joy in knowing that just because those loved ones don’t yet know the loving power of Jesus Christ, it doesn’t mean that I have failed. amen? I can continue to love, and pray, and be faithful in the joy of knowing it is ultimately, as all things are, in His hands.

(You just read day four of 31 days of pure joy. To read some more of this series…click here.)


One thought on “31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 4. He Saves, Not Me

  1. This is a good word. Thanks. I love how your point out such truth in here. This is one of my favorite of the stories of Jesus’ ministry..thanks for pointing out some new insights to me. And how you talked about friends God blessed the man with to get to Jesus.

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