31 days of Pure Joy. Day 10. Because

Today is my second anniversary. Two big ol’ years. Doesn’t seem like much to some people but that is like a decade in celebrity years. I LOVE my husband. He is seriously incredible. I hear wives sometimes poke fun at their husbands and there are even times when I think it would be fun to join in the talk but I seriously can’t think of anything even a tiny bit to wine about. This man is a true gem and I am one truly blessed woman to have found him.

The last 2 years have been such an incredible whirlwind. We bought our first house, our first two pups, and had our first baby with about a thousand other adventures in between. Marriage always has its ups and downs but I am glad to say in the last 2 years their have been far more ups than downs. far more.

We love each other. Every single day we wake up loving each other. But this love only exists because of God and who he is. He is Love. He can’t help but be love, and love exists solely because of Him and His love for us.

Some say love is a choice. Some say love is a verb. Some say love….it is a river, but I say, love is a gift given to us by a God who loves us.  We cannot love apart from God. God created each of us in his image and when we show love, we are showing people a piece of Him; even if we don’t realize it, even people that don’t know him.

Where have you seen love today? Where have you shown love today? Thank God for love because, well,l I would hate to think of a world without it.


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