31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 12. Precious


This is God letting Israel know how much he loves them. It goes on to say how he will protect them at all cost.

He loves you. Not because your house is clean, or your kids have cute clothes, or you lead a bible study, or deliver food to the homeless. It’s not because you were extra nice to your spouse, or you sat with the stinky kid at lunch, it isn’t because you paid for that sweet lady’s latte, or because you helped build a house for a family in need. It isn’t because you spent extra time in prayer, or because you got up early to go for a run, or didn’t lose your patience with a telemarketer. Those are all good things, but they do not like God love you more or less.

He loves you because he made you. He formed you, he knows you inside and out and even the number of hairs on your head. You are precious in his eyes. So precious. When he looks at you he does not see a list of good things you have done, or a list of bad, he sees his precious daughter or son whom he dearly loves. Take Joy in the fact that he doesn’t compare your list of good deeds to anyone elses. He LOVES you because you are precious to him.


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