31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 14. Wait


Some people might call me a patient person. At least, I look like one on the outside. I have 2 puppies, a baby, and was a teacher. I suppose that takes some patience, but that is the “keep calm in a crazy situation” kind of patient. The “Don’t explode when both puppies run through the house with muddy feet and the baby spits up on your favorite shirt” kind of patient. That is me. I am not a “waiter” not the Applebees kind, like my husband once was hehe, like I have a hard time waiting…like I want to open Christmas presents the night before, and I want today to be Saturday when it’s only Tuesday. Are you feeling me on this? Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

The Lord has a thing about waiting. He likes to make people do it. I am sure in the waiting we learn some things, or many things, but waiting is hard. It’s funny but my absolute favorite season of the year is Advent. Advent is solely about waiting. I love it because at the end of the waiting season of Advent there is something wonderful. The celebration of a birth of The Savior. God doesn’t require us to wait in order to give us nothing. He desires to bless us. He desires to strengthen our hearts. Take Joy in the wait knowing that a reward is on its way.


One thought on “31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 14. Wait

  1. I used to hate waiting! But lately God has shown me how he can reveal SO much to me in the waiting time. Even though waiting can be difficult, it is definitely worth it! Thanks for sharing! Be blessed 🙂

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