31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 15. Justice


Life isn’t fair. Thank goodness. If life was fair in the sense that everyone gets the same amount of everything. Well, that wouldn’t be fair either right? Life isn’t fair because it would be impossible to achieve.
I am glad to serve a God who doesn’t measure with “fairness” but with justice. Some would say those are synonyms. And I agree if you are thinking of fairness in the “you will get what you earn” frame of mind.
I am not trying to get all “eye for an eye” on you here. I just want us to think on the fact that our God is just and what that means.
In the New Testament the word just means right. If we say our God is just,then we agree that he acts in according to a way that is right. How many times do we see that the “right” thing to do is not always easy? Or that it doesn’t always seem “fair” to everyone involved.
Thank goodness we serve a God who acts consistently with a just heart. And he asks us to do the same.


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