31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 17. Humble

He could have come with bells and whistles. There could have been fireworks and a parade. But he didn’t and there wasn’t. He came as a baby. In a stable, with one bright star.
Much of His 33 years were also quiet. He made an occasional show or fuss (turning tables in the temple comes to mind) turning tables in the temple would make a great album name if you are currently in a band by the way. But anyway, Jesus’ life was not meant to be a show for an audience to oooo and ahhh at. He did the Lord’s work and spoke his word in the way that it needed to be done and no more. Most importantly all that he did left people with their eyes on God not necessarily on himself.

How are we in the humble department? Is our desire for people’s eyes to be directed to The Lord or to ourselves?


One thought on “31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 17. Humble

  1. It is truly amazing how much we can learn from Jesus. I’ve been re-reading Matthew and Mark for a reading plan and it is so cool to see how humble Jesus was, especially when he healed people. Most of the time, he told people not to tell anyone and to be quiet about it. I could definitely work harder in this department. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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