31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 20. Findable

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 15 you will find the story of King Asa. His army has just had a victory and a prophet comes to Asa and says to him many things one of which is “If you seek Him, He will be found by you.”

God desires to be found. He isn’t hiding away somewhere where you have to search hard and long to find him. If you are looking for him, he will be there. He isn’t too busy, he doesn’t have “better things” to do. He will be found by you.

Have you ever seen a dad play hide and seek with a little kid. He doesn’t go in the attic or hide deep in the basement, he crouches behind the couch or behind a curtain with his toes sticking out. Why? because he wants to be found! He doesn’t want his kid to get frustrated or scared or sad while looking for him, and he also doesn’t want to be so hidden that his child will give up looking for him either.

I like to think God is this way too. He is there, close by, and when you find him he will be just as thrilled as you are.


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