31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 24. Sovereignty

Sometimes I don’t have it all together. Ok, most of the time I do not have it all together. And every time I turn on the tv I can rest assured that I am not the only one. But the good news is. That it’s ok. Because when all else seems to be falling apart, or on the verge of it, we can rest on the promise of God’s control, His sovereignty.

I have been fortunate thus far. My life has not seen very many valleys. Now, it has been in no way flawless and there have been seasons when I have turned to God and asked him “why?” things seem to be so far away from what I thought he had planned. I was extremely moved recently by this post by Jessi over at Naptime Diaries. She has recently gone through the devastation of a miscarriage.  I have never faced this kind of pain personally, but it is unreal the amount of woman that I know well and love deeply who have. Many of these women suffered through it in silence only to tell about it years later, or some let me grieve alongside them through the hardest days they have ever faced. It is such a common pain but it is left so hidden that many face it alone. In those kind of days I can only imagine how hard it must be to see the sovereignty of God, but at times such as this it is the most important thing we have to hold on to.

So, there are times when it can be impossible to see the “forest” through the trees. But let us help one another to hold onto the fact that God has it all in his hands.

And for those of you who have suffered a miscarriage of know someone who has, you should check this out.



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