31 Days of Pure Joy. Day 25. Broken


Brandon and I have a close friend in town. He has been serving as a missionary for the last year and is just back for a month to visit family and such. I remember clearly how excited he was in the days before he left for the mission field. The way you feel when you know God has something big in store for you and you are finally about to step into it.

He sat outside with us after dinner and told us a story of brokenness. A tale of how hard the last year has been for him. How God has taken everything he held so dearly here in America and made it mean next to nothing where he is now. God clearly has something different in store for him than he thought, and it has been the hardest year of his life so far. He sat before us stripped bare of himself with nothing to tell us about what he has done, but everything about what God is doing. At the end of it all though he said something that I have been thinking about.

He said, “I am tired of being broken and going through hard times being such a terrible thing in the “Christian” world.” “When I share my struggles, people tell me how sorry they are.” “All that is nice, but being broken is a good thing, right?”

Right. God breaks us down. Strips us of all the stuff that we think is important, praiseworthy, the stuff that is about “us.” He takes it all away so that when something great happens, or when things really do turn out alright, the only thing we can do is give the glory to him. As believers lets try to think of brokenness in a new way. What is God doing in your broken spirit or in the broken spirit of those you know?


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