Halloween goodness

I have pretty much always loved Halloween.
Yeah Yeah I know, I love Jesus and I like Halloween. Let’s be honest, as a kid I was never thinking about demons or Satan or anything else of that nature. I wanted to dress up like something awesome, see my friends dressed up like something awesome, get awesome candy, and see the inside of my neighbors houses, well at least the entryway. As a kid growing up in Indiana, Halloween usually looked like face-paint and a winter coat with boots for most. I can remember countless times trudging through snow pouting at Mom for making me cover my outfit with my coat. My outfits usually consisted of some dance recital costume with a tail and ears. My mom wasn’t much of a sewer (not sewer like tnmt, like someone who sews…how do you spell that?), and we didn’t have a ton of money but the outfits were cute and someday I will be brave enough to show the world my hideous bangs as a kid and bring them out of the vault. But not today.

All this to say, we had a quiet Halloween this year but it was still great. Judah is only four months and I knew we probably wouldn’t go out or anything but my friends encouraged me to dress him like something so that I could at least take a picture. I scrolled in my mind through the options and got a few suggestions from others. The list included sumo wrestler, sushi roll, r2d2, a pirate, and obi wan kenobi. You will see in a bit what I chose. In the evening Brandon had something at church so I was left at home alone with the pups. Bruce Wayne cannot yet be trusted as the front door opens and closes and bedtime for Judah coincides with the exact heaviest part of trick or treating so we took the route of hiding upstairs with the porch light out so no one would stop by for candy. Sad but true, I think it’s ok to take a year off once in a while.

Truthfully I had soooo much fun seeing all the photos on instagram and facebook of my friends and their sweet little ones all dressed up for the holiday. sooooo much fun. My friend Abby said it best when she said it’s times like this when she loves technology. So true. I got to see so many of my dearest friends’ babes looking so darling. Here are a few pics of the Halloween goodness. The captions start at top left and go clockwise around the photo.

Caleb the Dragon, Davis as Scooby Dooby Doo, Noah as Captain America, and Jackson in the coolest Batman costume ever.

Ari and Ashlyn as a princess and a football player, Callum the Dragon, Rilyn and Landon as a princess and a sweet little cow, andMoose and Bo as a monkey and a banana (can you even believe that cuteness!)

Weston the Monkey, Amanda and her friend as M&Ms (I thought that was so creative!) Haddon the quarterback trying not to fumble his little football brother Theo, Nolan as the old man from up (maybe my fave costume of the night)

My favorite one year olds (Charleigh and Logan) got two sweet outfits for two sweet girls! The salt and Pepper shakers are toooo much goodness for my heart to handle.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween if my sister and brother in law didn’t do something ridiculously creative. Can you tell what they are?? A S’more! I would like S’more of that tiny hershey bar please!


And of course you can’t forget about arrrgh little man. Little Judah Sparrow.


This is only the beginning of the costumes this year, good job people! It was a welcome break from politics and sad weather stories right?




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