the weekend rush.

This weekend was CRAZY. Well, Crazy/Awesome. Get Ready for a Looooong Post.

Friday started with me realizing I had ONE day to finish everything I needed to do for this craft show I was a part of on Saturday. (more to come on that.) ONE DAY. It meant, getting out of the house for last minute hobby lobby running, a mad amount of setting up and making sure everything was ready and making sure a certain someone napped enough to let it all happen.

Side Note, Brandon went gold mining on Friday. Not kidding. Real life gold mining. He smelled like dirt when he got home and we are so far not rich because of it.

Saturday morning we headed to Cornelius so my friend Jess and I, and our handsome husbands, could be a part of the NC Marketplace sponsored by the Kilgoris Project. It was seriously such a fun day. It was a great craft show to be our first, and plus it was for a great cause! The Kilgoris Project supports a Massai Village in Kenya. which most of you know is already close to the hearts of Brandon and I. So even though it was a super long day, it was well worth it. Even for Baby Judah who spent most of the day sleeping or playing under our table or showing off our merchandise.

We do have some merchandise left over from the show. We haven’t decided yet if we will open an etsy shop or just save it for our next show, but if you see something you might be interested in, just let me know and I will see what I can do for you. 🙂 (except for that baby, he is taken)

Sunday, we had family pictures taken. Our sweet friend Brittany was nice enough to come over to our house for a quick photo shoot. It is really important to me that we have at least one family photo taken each year around our anniversary so we can see how our little family is growing. Here is one from last year. I was pregnant in it but we hadn’t told anyone yet, I am not even sure if we knew yet.

I have only seen a sneak peek of the ones Brittany took of us this weekend but I am already thrilled about them. Here is a sample.

I seriously cannot wait to see the rest. (are those Jeans not just the sweetest?!?)

Monday was Veterans day so we took advantage of Brandon’s day off from work and hightailed it up to HIgh Point to hang out with his family which we ALWAYS love doing. We loved the time we got to spend with our sweet niece and Judah loved it too!

Although the weekend was busy, it was full of things that were well worth it. My heart is full with the blessings of a life that is full of God’s grace, and that is the best kind of busy to be.


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