chalk it up.

I have fallen for the chalkboard craze.

Head over heels.

I have two “real” chalkboards in my house. One is resting on the mantle and one is leaning against the wall in our family room waiting for me to figure out how in the heck to hang it up.

Turns out the new fad is prints that look like they are on a chalkboard. Which I also love because it doesn’t involve me drawing and erasing a ton and being covered in chalk by the end. And best of all I don’t have to fit all that darned chalk back into the box ….seriously. And I get to play with new fonts. Which is the best way for me to keep my quiet sanity during naptimes these days.

Anyway I made some faux chalkboard Christmas prints but I am 100% against celebrating Christmas before advent begins (even though I am about to explode with excitement) so I made one for Thanksgiving and if you click on the picture above you can download it for yourself! Enjoy!



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