five months


I am going to pretend that the name of this post is 5 minutes.

They say that kids grow up fast. “They” as in everyone. I try my hardest not to believe that. I like to think that I spend his every waking moment soaking up this little man. We laugh and “play” and read books and go for walks and take baths and get distracted by the dogs together. I let dishes sit in the sink for a little longer and laundry waits to be moved to the dryer just so I don’t miss a second because it turns out that what “they” say just might be true. And as much as I wish I could freeze time, I cannot, and my tiny baby is growing into a little boy, but that’s ok too I guess.

is a drooling machine.
can grab on to anything within his reach and get it close (if not in) to his drooly little mouth.
gets completely distracted by the television if it is on. (yikes) Michael Strahan and the hulk are his 2 favorites.
Naps for exactly 45 minutes (to the second). Sometimes cries for a bit and sleeps a little longer and sometimes not.
Smiles at pretty much everyone and if you stick around long enough he will examine your face very closely.
notices himself in the mirror.
knows how to roll from his tummy to his back but doesn’t show much interest in actually doing it.
Has a lot to say. Once he starts jabbering it’s hard to stop him and his favorite place to chat it up is in the car.
Started recently waking up more than once in the night again, probably a growth spurt…we shall see.
Loves taking a bath, probably because it involves not wearing any clothes which he also loves.
is probably going to lose all of his sweet little hair. Most of it is gone besides the mohawk which is getting some bald patches as well. What remains, stands straight up (just like I prayed it would).


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