Better Life Bags

In the last few years I have learned to be specific about the things I want for Christmas.
I don’t really know why, I guess I just want what I want, and I know how much I love buying things for other people when I know I am getting them exactly what they want. I am not against ever being surprised though.

One of the many things on my long list of Christmas wants this year is a Better Life Bag.



I have been meaning to tell y’all about better life bags for some time now. I have fallen for better life bags for many reasons.

1.) The bags are dreamy. Seriously pretty, all of them. Every. Single. One. AND……Customizable for goodness sakes! Her fabric choices are delectable…I literally don’t know how I would ever pic a fabric combo if I was buying a bag for myself. My personal favorite is the Alicia with the leather corners. But there is also the Tracey. How nice would that tiny bag be for my phone and credit card inside my jumbo diaper bag?!?!



2.) These pretty lil bags stand for something more than fashion….Here is a blurb from the better life shop owner, Rebecca…

“I desire to use my business and the platform it gives me to help others. Since Better Life Bags started, I had been giving a percentage of the profits to low income entreprenuers in developing countries through I still plan on doing this in moderation. However, I also want to invest in the community God has placed us in currently. We moved to Detroit in April 2010 to invest in a small community here called Hamtramck. With 27 different languages spoken, a median income of $23,000, and housing values falling by 80% there is much need here.

The current Better Life project is to build a playground on an empty lot next door to my house. This will provide a much needed safe haven for kids this summer. Watch the video here.”

3.) They also have these darn cute pregnancy cards with prayers for each week of pregnancy.

So, if there is anyone in your life that is in need of a Christmas present, you should def consider Better Life Bags!

(All photos courtesy of the better life bags website)


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