Hopefully earlier this week you read my 4 year ago thoughts on advent. It’s a truly beautiful season full of anticipation.

My heart this year is that my anticipation will be fully about Jesus. That my Joy will not be dependant on the nostalgia of traditions, but on the anticipation of celebrating the birth of The Messiah.

But what will that look like here in our home? Will we still put up our tree? Will we still give gifts? Will we still hang stockings and potentially put antlers on the dogs?

Probably, but from a place of love for that tiny baby Jesus.

My hope is that this year, if we find ourselves doing something just because it’s “what we’re supposed to do”, we will truly think on it and decide if it is right for our family. Do the stockings and presents remind us of what a gift we have in the miracle of Christ coming as a babe? If not, maybe we shouldn’t do gifts this year. Is preparing a huge meal causing us to stress over money or time? If it is, then maybe we will just eat frozen waffles for Christmas breakfast.

Here are some things that we probably WILL do this year.

We will give gifts. Because it is the number one way I give and receive love and love was what Jesus was all about. (if you give and recieve love in different ways, think about how you can do those in this season)

We will invite friends and family over to our house in their pajamas to watch a stream of Christmas movies, but not because we love movies, because we love our friends, and so does Jesus. (sorry these pics are fuzzy but I LOVE them, all of us crammed into our old tiny apartment, people even sat under the table that year)

We will do things that help build anticipation. The Advent season was initially about anticipating the coming of The Messiah, and now we anticipate him coming again.

We will worship with our church family at Ephesus, and focus on reading the word. I will be faithfully following along with the reading plan at She Reads Truth and I urge you to do the same if you don’t already have an advent reading plan that you are going to do. It’s seriously going to be awesome. It starts on Sunday. You can find the plan on You Version plus follow along on their site.

What I really hope we will do this year is set in motion a tradition for our young family. A tradition of keeping this season about Jesus. A tradition of measuring the Jesus things and the Santa/Snowmen/Trees/Lights/Presents/movies/music things and finding that the Jesus side weighs heavier on our scale.

What are your advent plans this year? Any good ideas on how to make this season more about Jesus and less about the fuss?



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