Sisters, Sisters….


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Sigh, White Christmas, go ahead and argue with me, but I am going to say it….Best. Christmas. Movie. Ever.

Rosemary Clooney is classic and gorgeous. I literally don’t know how Vera Ellen can hold her upper body upright with a waist that small, and if I was born a few decades ago I would have had posters in my room of Danny and Bing rather than Justin and JC.


On a slightly related note, I have one sister. She is awesome. She has only been my sister for a little over 2 years. Thank goodness we are going to make up for that lost time by being sisters for the rest of our lives. She’s great, she has a great heart, a beautiful daughter who I get to call my neice, plus she gets has to be my sister and she does it so gracefully. All that to say, I wanted to share a video she sent our family recently. Instead of buying gifts for Kristin this year she has requested that we give the money that we would have spent to her on a missionary family. I told you, she is awesome. Below is the video that inspired her to do this, and maybe it will inspire you too.



One thought on “Sisters, Sisters….

  1. White Christmas is my FAVORITE christmas movie… we watched it the night after thanksgiving… got the season off to the right start… i wore out my dvd copy, thankfully, its on netflix! I have wondered about that ridiculously tiny waistline, though!

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