I owe you all an apology.

I wanted to write a post that was a reflection of Brandon and I’s trip to Kenya last Christmas.

So I went back to read the post I had written when we returned from the trip….

and there wasn’t one.

I never posted about our most recent Kenya trip.

It’s because the weekend after we got home we told everyone I was pregnant, and poor Mombasa got forgotten on the dear ol’ blog.

Or, pregnancy brain had settled and I just forgot.

Either way, I am sorry. BUT there is a post from 2010 that you can go read if you were wondering what we were doing in Mombasa for  2 out of the 4 Christmas’ Brandon and I have spent together. Last Christmas we went back to mainly visit with sweet Carly and see how the Rapha boys were doing.


I can’t help but laugh a little when I think about our Christmas’ in Kenya. The Christmas music was weird different. But I know if I heard one of those goofy songs right now I would LOVE it. There were so many things that were just crazily (probably not a word) different than Christmas in the states. We hung out on Christmas day on a crazy crowded beach and Carly got stung by a jellyfish. Nothing ever, ever, ever, went perfectly as planned. The Christmas lunches were equivalent to KFC delicious and the Fanta was well, if you have ever been to Africa than you know how good the Fanta was. The fellowship was real, the conversations were deep, and the memories were lasting. Those things do a heart good this time any time of year.

It is my hope that we can have that kind of Christmas every year. A Christmas where if nothing goes as “planned.” If all the stuff falls apart, the fellowship can still be real, the conversation can still be deep, the memories will last forever, and the gospel will remain at the center of it all.


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