Thursday Thoughts

1. Did you know that Saul from Homeland is Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride? Mind= Blown
Even though I am not an avid Homeland watcher, my husband is, and so I am usually around and about every 10 minutes I say something like  “Wait, What just happened?” and he replies with something like “Oh Dear I just love it when you don’t pay any attention and then interrupt the show to ask me what is happening, it’s so cute.” Or something like that.

I only realized this Homeland/Princess Bride connection because I saw this picture on another blog.

Do you see him there sitting in the chair??? wow. I had to IMDB that nonsense immediately.

2. My baby sleeps on his belly and has 2 teeth. I feel like I  may as well be buying his tux for the prom.

3. I read a lot of blogs. Some people read magazines, some people read books, I read blogs and the Bible duh.   Here is one of my favorite posts from recently.  You should go read it. (the rest of what I have to say isn’t as great as #1 anyway)

4. Here are two recipes I fell head over heels in love with in the last week. One pretty good for you, one not so much ,but TOTALLY worth the splurge.

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese with Carmelized Onions, Bacon, and Apples

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

5. Every year I like the song Carol of the Bells less. It feels rushed and makes my heart/mind race. I don’t know what else to say about that except I wish that my Christmas Pandora station wouldn’t play it in all its different forms every other song.

6. I am thinking about buying black skinny jeans….please someone honestly tell me if thats a good idea. I can handle it.

7. Still looking for some Christmas gifts? Want to help some good causes? Here are some things for ladies….and for little fellas. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I shuddered at the thought of buying skinny jeans since I’m not particularly skinny. I gave in and bought some to wear with my boots, and they are now my FAVORITE pants! Go for it!

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