The Christmas Post


It’s January 9th. I am just posting about Christmas. What? You are tired of hearing about Christmas? Bahumbug.

We had an awesome Christmas this year. Relaxed and Fun. Almost Totally about Jesus and Family. Perfection. It makes me look so much forward to next year when Judah actually understands a little more of what is going on and doesn’t just want to know what Illiana’s dress tastes like.


Alright, so here is how it went down. Christmas Eve morning we packed up the car with everyone, including Max and Bruce. Brandon and I had already “exchanged” gifts. I say that because technically sometime in November Brandon found a jacket he wanted online, told me he was going to buy it and that it was going to be my Christmas present to him. A week later it came in the mail, and he has been wearing it every day since. Sucked the fun right out of it for me but he seems to love it so I will get over it. He got me this great necklace from the Happy Little Lovelies shop on Etsy. She is local, and we met her at the craft show I did a while back. Her stuff is seriously cute. He also got me the Naptime Diaries Advent Calender that hung so beautifully on my wall until a few days ago.

The car ride to Brandon’s parents house in High Point is only an hour and half so we did it during naptime and Judah slept while the dogs fought over shared the hump seat.


Although Bruce is usually the bully, pun intended, I think Max won out on this car trip. Max loves going to Didi and Papaw’s house, can’t you tell?

So the next two days were spent seriously enjoying every second of our time spent with the family. Hanging out with Sweet Illy was definitely a highlight for me. She is the sweetest little babe and I can’t believe she is already getting so big.

family fun

Christmas Eve we headed over to the Boggs’ house (My sister in law’s in-laws, got that?) for fondue. It’s a Christmas Even tradition  that Brandon and I haven’t had a chance to be a part of for a few years so we were so glad to be able to join in on the fun this year!


We outdid ourselves with fonduey goodness but I didn’t hear any complaining.

All the while, we were missing Brandon’s brother Justin who is off doing the world race (currently in Uganda, but on Christmas he was in Vietnam.) You should probably click that link up there and live vicariously through it because it’s awesome and he makes me want to travel the world with a baby strapped to me. Doable right? Bruce Wayne would love hate Africa…Anyway, we did get to see Justin’s face via skype. His niece and nephew were particularly interested.


Overall our first Christmas with Judah was really great. I think he thought so too. And I think we did a great job making Christmas not about the fuss, but about Jesus and being together as a family.



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