2012 recap.

 Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums,
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!


Have you seen Les Mis yet? Your probably definitely should.
Don’t want to sit and watch them sing the whole time. Get over it. It’s beautiful.
I predict it will win some major awards and you will regret not seeing it in the theatre.
Anne Hathoway made me want to love and squeeze Judah for the rest of his life and Hugh Jackman made me realize that someday I will have to let him go and find his own way.
It was a beautiful work of art that made me want to be a better human being. But this post isn’t about that.

Happy 2013 ya’ll!!!!

Judah sitting

Another year has passed.
As always I am looking forward to this coming year but man oh man am I gonna miss 2012.
Excuse me while I recap….


IMG_3081 Picture 2

We spend New Year’s Eve in Mombasa, Kenya with our Rapha House family,

and announce to the world (via facebook) that this eggo is preggo.


MaximusMaximus Decimus Meridius Wong enters our family.

And we find out the flavor of Baby Wong #1

Gender Reveal Video


Not much happened in March, I just got huge.



                                  CalebBaby Boggs

I went to Denver to see my best friend and her sweet baby boy, and we found out we were getting a Niece!


2012-05-05 13.17.48_2      2012-05-24 22.08.03   2012-05-26 13.02.17                               2012-05-31 18.03.41_2

Some lovely friends threw Baby Wong some lovely showers, Heidi came to visit, and we got a new whip!


575821_635074480283_1902413790_n  8103_635591234703_1078516687_n

I had my last day at Idlewild and we officially became a one-income family…yikes. We made the long drive to Indiana for an amazing weekend with friendz and family at the lakehouse to celebrate Baby Wong and 2 days after we get home…Judah is born!



We try to figure out this whole “parenting” thing.

And we bid farewall to Judah’s Uncle Justin as he headed off on the World Race.



Hung out with Judah. School started, but I stayed home.


Judah loves Heidi. The Read Family!

Iliana Mei Brandon and Illy

Heidi and the Reads come for a visit, and our Niece, Iliana Mei Boggs, is born!


                                           IMG_3500 IMG_1759   223267_650692077493_1491092371_n        IMG_1687

Judah joined us on our anniversary trip to Savannah, GA. Abby came to visit. Bruce Wayne Wong joins our family, and Judah celebrates his first halloween by growing his first mustache.


                                   IMG_2182  IMG_2369                                                              IMG_2411

Jess and I got brave and soldsome things in a craft show, my parents came to visit for Thanksgiving, and Judah grew some teeth!



Overall, an incredible year. I plan on not trying to top it in 2013 (post on that to come.)

Until then, Here’s to keeping it classy in the new year.



One thought on “2012 recap.

  1. LOVE this post!!!!! So many fun things and joys in your family. So thankful that the lil ole Akins could be around to be a part of some of the fun! 🙂

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