January Instagram


It’s hard to think about January being over.  I am gonna need 2013 to simma down.
It was a good month around here. Judah is truly going from being a tiny baby into a little boy. So strange to see him sitting up, eating solid food, and taking an interest in the dogs and new friends.
Wong and I have been playing A LOT of games. I don’t mind it all, I don’t think he does either. We play when friends are over and even when they’re not.
The weather has been whacked out. As usual for here in January. We have had some chilly days ( I won’t use the word cold because I know better being from the midwest and some of you reading this are up to your noses in snowses right now.)But I actually did see snow fall from the sky one night and ran around like a kid staring out every window.  We have also had some really unseasonably warm days. I’ll take em’, that’s fo sho.
We own the movie Pitch Perfect, and I use every excuse to watch it and laugh at it’s hilarity. You should watch it, so we can talk about how great it is and so I won’t feel like a nerd when I use terms like “acca-scuze me.”
February is going to be awesome. Get ready Hoosier State cause we are coming for you! And fingers crossed that everything goes as planned my etsy shop should also be opening. We are planning a little Chinese New Year shindig and throwing a sweet friend a virtual baby shower. With that said, Let’s do this February!


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