video luvins

Here is a little bit of honestly, I have had periods of my life where I may or may not have been addicted to YouTube.
There have been moments when I have gotten sucked into YouTube and spent too many minutes watching Monkeys riding on pigs, or sniffing their own business. And maybe I have watched this dog try to roll over more times than I can count. And Marcell the Shell, well I don’t feel bad that I won’t ever get the minutes back that I have spent watching him because I love him every time. And all those lessons that barely got planned when I taught, Youtube and this girl, are mostly to blame.  The thing about YouTube is that you get on to watch ONE video, and then there are all those suggestions of other videos you should watch, and Lord knows if there is someone else in the room with you there is the inevitable “oh my goodness have you seen….” which leads to a stream of video goodness, and many hours where you could have been actually having a conversation with one another. Even writing this post is bring up sooooo many videos that have made me laugh in the past…like this gem. With all that said, this post is not about avoiding YouTube in order to have deeper relationships and to spend your time meaningfully doing things that are probably better worth the while. No, It’s a list of really great videos I have recently seen on YouTube. Seriously, some of these videos have been killing me lately, and even though you have probably seen most of them. I promise they are worth your time. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment with other videos that we all might enjoy. And be careful out there, yolo.


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