mini polaroid magnets

mini magnet polaroids

I really like giving gifts. It is most definitely my love language (which means I don’t mind receiving them either.) The thing is, as much as I would love to buy the perfect gift for everyone I know, that costs money, which we are always trying to save more of so I am trying to come up with some cute but cost efficient ways to send gifts this year. I like things that are super light because lawd knows shipping ain’t always cheap either. So far this year I have given this gift to several people, and they at least have pretended to enjoy it so here is a little “how to” so you can give some too, or just make them for yourself! All together this cost me about….5 bucks, maybe less if you have the things you need on hand, plus shipping. (That is, if I had actually shipped these yet, Happy Really Belated Birthdays Rose, Austin, and Freddie!) Classy Right?

You will need…

Cardstock or regular printer paper
magnetic tape
clear packaging tape
utility knife
heavy stuff

polaroid magnets 1

1.) First, I found the pictures I wanted to use. I may or may not have swiped these off of facebook. I didn’t need the quality to be perfect because I was adding effects anyway. Some people are much pickier than I am about that.

2. I used to put the photos into a “polaroid” style frame. Pic Monkey also added the antique feel I was going for with the pictures. This step is not completely necessary. You could always just go to the next stop and leave enough space around the photos to cut them into the polaroid shape. I am a self proclaimed bad cutter. I need a line.

3. I dragged the photos I had saved from picmonkey into microsoft word and made them the size I wanted and then printed them out onto cardstock. You could probably just use regular paper but since I had cardstock on hand I thought it would be better to use something a little sturdier.

mini polaroid magnets 2

4. I cut each photo out and then traced them onto foamboard. I got the foam at hobby lobby for $1.50. Then I cut the foam with my husband’s handy dandy tiny utility knife.

5.) Next, I wrapped the picture and the foam with packaging tape to give it a “laminated” look. A gigantic tape roller is unnecessary and you could probably stick the pictures onto the foam with a little double sided tape first to make sure they don’t slide around, but that was too many steps for me and the only clear big tape I had was attached to this heavy duty tape gun.

min polaroid magnets 3

6.) I then cut out some felt squares (not perfectly) and used some tacky glue to stick the felt to the back. This step probably isn’t super important either but with the tape and stuff all randomly meeting on the back of the foam I wanted something that would look a little more pulled together, and felt that costs a quarter was just the thing.

7.) I then added some sticky magnets on the back from a roll I got for 4 bucks from Hobby Lobby. I don’t have anything against Michaels or any other craft store..Hobby Lobby happens to be too close to my house.

8.) The magnets were a little curly so I found some things to help smoosh them down a bit and then voila! Finished.

mini polaroid magnets 4

Cute right? If you do it let me know how it goes. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “mini polaroid magnets

  1. This is super cute, Laci! And I love that you used Grudem’s systematic theology to “smoosh” them. I’m pretty sure I have that lying around somewhere. 🙂

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