Our Trip To Indiana (Part One)

Disclaimer: This post is an overload of handsome.

On Thursday, Brandon, Judah and I headed off to Indiana for a long weekend to see family and friends that we haven’t seen for many months and some of them, years. We drove ten hours from Charlotte to Indianapolis where we had dinner with some really great friends from college.

babes with babes

My friends Stacey and Brittany have had babies in the last year as well, and it was so good seeing them in person and not just on instagram. It was wonderful watching the boys interact and catching up with their moms after way too long.


No, we didn’t plan the stripes but don’t they look so dapper? Someone call the Gap and see if they are taking model applications.

the boys

It is such a blessing to have good friends in our lives that we can pick up with where we left off the last time we saw one another, Especially friends who can understand the stage of life you are currently in. I hope that Judah has these types of friendships in his life as well. And hopefully these handsome men grow to be friends with one another.

handsome 3

Judah took some time to tell them all about life on the East Coast where things are warm and the mountains are as close as the beach. He hopes that they will come visit him someday.

handsome 2

Judah was shocked when we told him that we were going to spend the night there. Considering that top left photo, I don’t think Callum could believe it either.

J with Natalie

Judah even got to meet the Cases that night, and Tara (whom I didn’t get to snag a picture of.) He and Natalie discussed their shared love for dessert.

handsome 1

We had a really great time. Thanks Luke and Brittany for hosting everyone! Callum was sad to see the party end but we promised to see them again soon.


2 thoughts on “Our Trip To Indiana (Part One)

  1. We were at the funeral home- Sorry we missed you! Uncle Ralph said you had to get back so Brandon could get back to work. Keep sharing the pictures- Aunt Ruby would love him to pieces!!!

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