Our trip to Indiana (part two)

After our night in Indianapolis in which the entire city became a frozen tundra. ( I had somehow let it slip my mind what real true cold feels like.) We left in the morning and headed to our, and hopefully Judah’s future (scholarship willing) alma mater, Taylor University. Completely by random happening, our good friend Josh, who currently lives in Santa Barbara,  was going to be there for a conference so we planned to meet him.

taylor gear

Judah seized the opportunity to wear all of his Taylor gear. ( He looks very happy here, but was not sure what to think about all the snow and freezing cold wind.)


Where else would we meet for a lunch date in Upland, right? I, of course ordered without looking at the menu, the fried chicken salad (I got all nerdy when I saw it on the sign when we pulled in and exclaimed “That’s what I am going to order!”) and a red cream soda, which you can’t get easily in the south. I even got a mini cappuccino surprise milkshake at the end, despite the snow outside. But we weren’t there for the food, we were there for this guy…

Josh and Judah

This picture makes me insanely happy. Frameworthy. I absolutely love getting reconnected with our friends from Taylor. We hold dear our friends from that stage in our lives and pray for them and think of them often. I often consider what it would be like if we all lived on a cul da sac somewhere, but alas, we are spread out all over the country right now, so random meetings, mass emails, skype, and facebook will have to do for this season.

Josh is a real gem and it was great to see him. He lived on Brandon’s floor at Taylor (second west) and he was a groomsmen in our wedding.  As you can see, Judah was a fan. We missed his wife Alyssa who didn’t make the trip, but hopefully we will get to see her soon as well!


Josh is kind of a big deal so he had to go give a little lecture on how to be awesome so we spent a little time pushing the stroller around Taylor. We even ran into some more friends. There are Luke Owsley and Derek Kamwesa in the above photo, and we ran into Sara Hightower and Steve Morley. Steve was the hall director in the hall Brandon lived in at Taylor and we wondered later in the car what he thinks of when he remembers Brandon as a student.

Taylor has a new science building that wasn’t there when we were, so we explored a little. It’s beautiful, but sadly when we tried to go visit “the dungeon” where Brandon spent all his time at Taylor, it was covered with caution tape and truly is a dungeon now.

Our trip to Taylor was a good one. Being there always brings back fond memories of good friends and good times. But, we couldn’t stay long because it was toooo darrrn colllld, and it was time to head back to my hometown.


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