Our trip to Indiana (Part Three)

After we left Taylor on Friday, we headed toward my hometown of Portland, Indiana. My family was there waiting for us and Judah got to meet his Great Grandpa Ralph for the first time.


I cannot get enough of this photo. Judah loved Ralph. He smiled every time he looked at him. It was so precious. There aren’t a lot of people who don’t love Grandpa Ralph.  It was wonderful introducing Judah to someone who means so much to me, and introducing my grandpa to his great grandson. There will be more pics of them in posts to come. Don’t you worry.

That evening we hung out with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. (Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, everyone we saw on this trip is near and dear to us so excuse me if I gloat a little. 🙂 My heart is feeling very full.) The Homans!

Homans 4

That’s Erin holding Judah. Erin and I have been friends since Kindergarten. (That’s longer than I care to add up.) Her husband Adam and her are pretty much Ahhhhmazing, and we love visiting them anytime we make it back to Indiana. They have 2 precious kiddos. That’s Emalyn in the picture, and you will meet Eli in a second. I love those babes like they are my own and I wish I could see them everyday.

Homans 2 Homans 1

Erin and I have pretty much been a part of every season of each other’s lives, but this one with kiddos is the best. Her babies are seriously the sweetest, and we loved hanging out with them. Judah, Emalyn, and Eli are sure to be friends for life.

Homans 3


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