Our Trip to Indiana (Part Four)

On Saturday, we headed a few hours North with my mom to visit with her side of the family. I hadn’t seen any of them since that Indiana baby shower we had 2 days before Judah was born, so it was fun to see them all, and for them to get to meet our little man. Judah of course spent the time chatting it up for the first time with his cousins and eating some good food.


On the trip home I found myself thankful for a mom who was willing to drive the few hours back so that Brandon, Judah, and I could all take a much needed nap. It was like reuniting with another old friend. (oh naps, how I miss thee.)

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at my Grandpa’s house. Judah was definitely feeling more at home in Indiana.


After bedtime, my parents, grandparents, Brandon, and I played hand and foot. Anyone else out there know this game? We played ladies verses gentleman. Ladies won. boom.

card sharks


2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Indiana (Part Four)

  1. Laci, great job of showing joy and fun! These pics will be forever precious. So glad you got to go home and see everyone. I am so excited for Jonathan to be with you all this weekend. He is too. Love you all dearly.

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