Our trip to Indiana (Part five) (last one I promise)

Sunday was our last official day in Indiana, so in true fashion we tried to smoosh as many people into one day as possible.
In the morning we swung by the Homans one last time for a little more play time with Eli and Emalyn.


Then, we had lunch with the Rigbys. I didn’t take too many photos mostly because we were eating the whole time and who wants to see that really? but I did snag a pic of this cutie patootie snoozin away, and her sister getting herself a gumball the size of her face.


After lunch we headed back to hang out with my family for one last quality time and had a little impromptu photo shoot.

family 1 family 2

In case you are wondering, Judah’s shirt says “future webmaster.”
I seriously loved that Judah got to hang out with my grandpa. I think he was pretty excited about it too.

Ralph and Judah

Brandon even snuck in a photo of me with the little guy. Trying to get as many pictures with him as possible even if I don’t love being on that side of the camera. I am sure I will be happy I did it someday right?

Judah and Mom

To top off the weekend we headed over to Bluffton to hang out with a group of our friends that I went to high school with. We do our  best to see each other every time I am in town, and these sweet ladies even made a trip down to Charlotte after Brandon left for Kenya a few years ago to comfort me in my time of need go to the beach. They are pretty much the best.


lu and I

The picture above is my friend Lauren. She is holding Judah and I am holding her baby, Drew. Lauren has kept me out of a lot of trouble in my years, and I am thankful for it. Plus, she totally let me wear her wedding dress to my wedding. That’s a great friend y’all. Drew and Judah are just about a month apart and I loved getting to hang out with him.

Drew 1 Drew 2 Drew 3

Believe this or not, I didn’t get one picture of my friend Rachel or her husband, orrr her seriously cute son, Connor. Connor and Anne’s little guy, Jackson, were too busy running and playing to stand still for a picture, so you will just have to trust me on how handsome those little men are. Their parents are in for some trouble when the dating years come around.

This is, Anne, and her youngest, Davis.  There are 5 boys and 0 girls between the 3 of us. We are going to have some fun testosterone filled reunions in the years to come. It will make up for all of the bridal showers/ bachelorretes/ and baby showers we have been joining up for in the past few years.

Anne and Davis


Hanging out with these sweet friends was the cherry on top of a really great weekend back in The Hoosier State!


One thought on “Our trip to Indiana (Part five) (last one I promise)

  1. I love these pics! Especially of your GrandDad! So priceless…..and YES, YOU NEED A PIC OF YOU! Our kids always wonder what we looked like…..and in years to come they will be very precious!

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