A weekend in the ATL

We went to Atlanta this weekend. Unless you count the many times I have quite literally sprinted through the airport, I have only been there once, back when Wong and I were very newly married. Brandon had some vacation days he needed to use and we have some friends down there that are very busy and we don’t see often so we jumped on the opportunity for yet another weekend away.

cracker Barrel

Judah had his first Cracker Barrel experience and loved it. He flirted with all the waitresses and ate all of my food.

Jonathan and Emily

Ms. Toldt

He also got to meet our good friend Jonathan and his girlfriend Emily along with our friend Sarah. We know them both from Taylor. Excuse Judah’s crazy expression in the first picture, it was past bedtime. 🙂

coke 5

Most of our few days in Atlanta were spent hanging out and just talking to Jonathan and Sarah, either on the couch in Sarah’s living room, or out at a restaurant or strolling around a cute little area I can’t remember the name of. But, we did spent a few hours one day touring the Coke Museum.


coke 2

It was definitely fun. Not overwhelming, so great for taking the baby with us. He was totally entertained by all of the sites and sounds including the 4D movie.

coke 4

There was even a little room where they showed Coke commercials from the past and from all around the world, and a tasting room where we tried an insane amount of flavors from around the world. We only found one to be completely disgusting, called the “Beverly.” sick. Brandon and I both felt a little queasy when we left from all of our tasting.

coke 3

And what better to cure queasiness than lunch at The Varsity, right? Ha. We really wanted to eat at a Chicken and Waffles place, but Judah was sleeping off the excitement from the Coke museum, and the line was out the door and outside in the cold. (It snowed in Atlanta while we were there this weekend, which they say never happens.) So, while Judah snoozed, we ate burgers and chili dogs and drank some delicious frozen orange drink. Yum. (but not so helpful to the upset stomachs.)


The weekend was quick, (aren’t they all?) But it was really fun and we were so glad to get to spend some more quality time with friends we don’t often see.


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