Our Home Tour : Phase One

One of the main reasons I write this blog is to keep friends and family who live far away (there are too many of you! Move to Charlotte!) I like to use this blog as a way for them to know what is going on with our little family. I want them to feel like they still “know” us and can be connected even if there are miles between us. I also write as a way for Brandon and I to look back and remember these moments as well. Kind of like an online journal. Because even though I feel like I have a pretty good memory, there are so many times Brandon and I cannot remember the last time we were in Indiana, or where we were the last time we ate a chili dog, or the last time we saw Joe Schmo. You know what I mean right? There is also another reason I write. but that’s another post for another day.

With all that said…I have not done a great job showing our friends, family and other faithful blog readers and visitors (hi!) our home. In September of 2011 we closed on our first home. A very cookie cutter, “factory”, foreclosed home built in 2007. It was a little farther out from the city than we hoped to live, but for the size and the price we decided to take the plunge. We made the move out, and since then I have not done well at showing it to you, or the things we have done to it since moving in. For a while I think somewhere in my mind I thought it had to be “done” before we could show it off. But I have come to know that this house will never be “done” and I am just fine with that, and I am no home decore blogger, so let’s do this thang already!

In the next few days/weeks I will show you the updates we have made. Today, I will show you where we started. The following photos were taken in September of 2011. The weekend after we became homeowners. So, without further ado…


First of all, can you believe that this is the only picture I have of the outside of our home? I am pretty sure I took this with my flip phone out the car window. Geez. I promise to get an updated one soon, plus we have made changes so it will be fun to see the side by side! Ok, come on in…

dining room phase oneThe first room you see as you enter our house is the dining room. Just imagine…the thick smell of cigarette smoke. Yum. If you look closely, ok not so closely, you can see where the previous owners had a nice large rug. Those doors leaning up against the wall belong to that open pantry you can see on the right. They never got reinstalled and are currently doing that same lean somewhere in the garage. Also, notice the lack of blinds or any type of covering on any of the windows. Moving on,

kitchen phase one

leaving the dining room, you pass a small bathroom (shown later) and into a large room. On the right you have the kitchen, and on the left, the living room (coming up next.) By the amount of grease we removed from this kitchen I would say that the previous owners enjoyed A LOT of fried chicken. I hope it was delicious. Those cabinets make me cringe. I wouldn’t even consider them builder’s grade, but I would consider them hideous. The refrigerator leaked and spent at least the first month that we lived there in the garage, and there were no oven racks, or microwave tray. I digress,

living room phase one

Next up, the living room. not so bad really. Fireplace has had never been used and all in all it was in pretty good shape. Just don’t look at the carpet on the stairs. yuck. See that door in the photo on the right? The one with the fancy plastic accordion door? Well that ladies and gentleman leads into…

hot tub room phase one

The hot tub room! Doesn’t your house have one of these? Let me tell you folks, the previous owners put some major work into this room. Painted floor, walls, and ceiling, and a large tv stand attached to the wall. They even left us a window covering (how generous.) Not to mention the entire room was taken up by a jacuzzi.

Here are some other views as we head upstairs. Including that small bathroom I mentioned earlier.

other spaces phase one

Alright, let’s go upstairs, shall we?

family room phase oneThis is our second living room. My initial reaction was, “what in the world will we do with 2 living rooms?” It’s where we pretty much live these days. We assume the previous owners had a projector, but no screen, hence the big gray square. Down that little hallway there are 3 guest bedrooms, the laundry room, and a guest bathroom. Here they are.

guest bedrooms phase one

laundry and guest bath phase one

Seriously isn’t that laundry room all “Look at me! Look at me!” (kidding) And the paint in those guest rooms. Yikes ya’ll. Yikes.
One more room, as they say on MTV Cribs, is “where the magic happens”, at least they used to say that. Is that show still on?

master bedroom phase one

master bath phase one

There ya have it folks. Our homestead in all it’s one year ago glory. Stay tuned for what we have done since.


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