Our Home Tour: Phase Two

Welcome Back!

This is phase two of our home tour. If you missed phase one, you can check it out here.
After the home officially became ours we didn’t have a whole lot of time before we needed to move out of our  apartment into our house. There were only a few major fixes we felt like needed to be done first so we got started right away. First things first…

kitchen cabinets phase 2I truly hated those cabinets, and we knew they had to go, so we figured we might as well do it right away before unloading all of our dishes into them and then taking them back out to remove the cabinets. I first considered just taking the doors off and painting the insides for a more “open cabinet” feel, but they truly still looked terrible even without their doors, so away they went! In case you are wondering, we did not throw them away, they found a new home in the garage. A special shout out to Seth and Janet for helping us that night!

fix it up phase twoWe decided the cigarette smell would never leave the house if we left the downstairs carpet so we pulled it all up, and hired someone to deep clean the carpets all over the upstairs since they weren’t as bad. They did an amazing job and got out some stains that I thought I may have had to stare at for years to come. We also had the vents cleaned out, and within the first week there was a letter from our HOA letting us know that we needed to scrub the side of the house, plant some grass, lay some mulch, and fix our falling-down fence. (Welcome to the neighborhood right?) So we got to work outside. Brandon become Mr. fix it quicker than he anticipated I think.

By this time, we had to get out of our apartment, so move in day came, but because we still had no floors downstairs, and our master bedroom wasn’t painted, most of our things found a home in the garage and the things we absolutely had to have went to the upstairs living room. (promise you will scroll past that picture quickly…yikes! Just keeping it real folks.)

move in phase two

living space phase two

I don’t remember how long we lived in that room, but it felt like a really long time. No worries though because this room was the size of our old apartment anyway. There was one more thing to get done before getting some paint on those walls.

hot tub removal phase two

That thing was a serious beast. Thank goodness for strong men. The bottom left photo shows the trail of nasty water it left on it’s way out. The water was not standing in the tub, it was in the pipes and ran out when they stood it up on it’s side. The bottom right photo shows the hot tub room sans hot tub. apparently it was painted after the hot tub was installed.

Finally, let’s get some paint on these walls.

yellow phase 2

This yellow dining room makes me so happy.dark grey phase two

Dark grey for our bedroom and for the downstairs bathroom.grey blue phase two

A lighter grey…it actually looks blue…for the kitchen, and living room.

teal phase twoAnd the hot tub room! What a difference a coat of paint makes. We painted the laundry room this color as well.

After all the paint was on we called on our favorite flooring friend, Ben, to save our downstairs floors.

hardwoords phase 2Aren’t those pretty? They haven’t been that shiny since that day but I really do love them.

Ok, that’s all for today’s tour, but check back soon for what our home looks like these days!


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