Our Home Tour: The Dining Room

Hello again! If you have been around here the last week, you have seen Phase One and Phase Two of our little home tour. If you haven’t, you may want to go take a quick peek.

Today starts a series of posts with updated photos of our home. I am really excited for those of you that haven’t been here in person to be able to get a glimpse of what it’s like around here, but I feel like I should give a quick disclaimer first. So here are a few things that I need you to know.

1.) I am in no way whatsoever posting these pics for you to go “oooo and ahhhh” Trust me folks. It’s no show home, and I don’t plan for it to be. If you read my phase one post, you know I just want a way for us to remember it in this way, and for people that have never seen it to finally be able to.

2.) Our home is not, nor will it ever be “finished.” with that said…there are a lot of things I don’t love about each of our rooms and about our house in general, so I could show you each room and point out all the things that aren’t perfect or that we plan on changing, but I don’t want to do that, nor do I think I should. So yes, you may see some things that make you go “yeah, I don’t think that’s so cute.” Chances are, I don’t think it’s that cute either. (Case in point the empty giant fish tank in my kitchen.) This house is big, and we are a one income family, and we are doing it all one tiny step at a time. And we like it that way. I digress.

3.) This place is ever- changing. I am constantly moving things from one room to another to see if I like it that way better. I already noticed that in the photos you will see of the dining room today there are already some things I have moved around. ha.

4.) I WILL point out the things I love, but I may miss some things, so if you see a chair or a rug or a dog and are wondering where we got it, just ask! 🙂

5.) Please excuse all dust, floor smudges, and any other common dirt I may have missed. 🙂

Phew, glad that’s over. So without further ado, I bring you The Dining Room.

dining room

It is the first room you enter when you come into our home so I thought it may be a good place to begin.

dining room

That table, Ikea, and it expands to seat 14 people. Only appropriate if you have 12 children or a dining room the size of a skating rink. boom.

dining room table

The grey chairs are also from Ikea, and the printed ones we got from Target online. The candle was a birthday gift from Wong and the thing underneath it was made for us by my great aunt for our wedding.

dining room

entry table

The entry table is from Ikea too. It’s five minutes down the road people, we can’t help ourselves. The typewriter is from a garage sale, and the picture frame was a freebie from my friend Kate’s garage.


The piano was free from my friend Erica. The print was a gift from my sister and brother in law at Christmas time, and the frame was thrifted and painted.

piano and chairs

Wong brought the chairs back from Kenya after his first trip. They are beautifully carved.

dining room curtains

The curtains are from Hobby Lobby. Who knew you could get curtains there? They are burlapy. (Is that a word?)

dining room shelves

dining room shelves

The shelves were a wedding gift from Target and hold a mixture of my grandmother’s silver and my own platters and such. The bouquet is mine from our wedding day. And I literally can’t remember when I bought that poster of Venice. College maybe?

There you have it! Come on over and eat dinner with us! Bring 9 friends. 🙂


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