Our Home Tour: The Kitchen

Hi! If you are wondering why I am posting about my kitchen today, than you must have been late to the party and missed this post, and this one, and this one too. And don’t forget to read the disclaimer.

On to the kitchen! You remember what it looked like when we first moved in right? Here is a reminder.

kitchen phase one

The photos do not do justice to how truly ugly those cabinets were. They were smooth like butter though. (But who is looking for that in a cabinet?) Thinking about the kitchen makes me think of butter. I love to bake. I wish we could eat cookies with each meal. I mean, I guess we could but we may have to make the doors wider.

Back to talking about the kitchen. Because I do love to cook bake I knew I would be spending some serious time in this room, and even though I would have if it wasn’t possible to get rid of them, I did not want to spend every day looking at those sad cabinets. So, from the moment I set my eyes on those bad boys, I knew a change was gonna come.

Here is the kitchen today.

KItchen 4

Y’all, when I was pregnant with Judah, Brandon went to town painting those cabinets. (I must be releasing my inner Paula Dean. Using ya’ll and going on tangents about butter.) Kitchens will do that to you me I guess. He then swore to me that he would never paint another thing ever again in his life. (until a few weeks later when I pregnantly politely asked him to help me paint the nursery.) My husband is awesome and he loves me.

It just feels better in here without all those dark lifeless cabinets staring at us right? But really, I am happy we went with the open shelves. In our apartment we didn’t have enough cabinets to fit our dishes and our pantry type food, so most of our dishes were on display there too, so we were already used to the idea.

Kitchen 3

Kitchen 2There’s my favorite giant fish tank. I like to imagine tons of fishes swimming along to the whir of the kitchenaid.  I already have some of their names picked out. Carl Winslow tops the list. Until we get actual fish, or move that baby out of this room, I will keep imagining.

Those are my Naptime Diaries kitchen prints up there. I wanted them so badly in our apartment, but there was literally not an inch of wall space to hang them in our old kitchen, so Brandon let me buy them  as soon we bought this house. They were delivered in the mail to the apartment because we were still living there at the time.

KItchen 1The coffee print was a Christmas gift from my mother in law. The little coffee cup even has our initials in it. Those “curtains” are just dish towels from Target.

Thanks for hanging out. Y’all come visit us and I will whip you up something delicious, probably with extra butter.

Kitchen 5


3 thoughts on “Our Home Tour: The Kitchen

  1. I just want you to know how much I have loved stalking your whole blog tonight. 🙂 And those open shelves are making me drool. We took the doors off our cabinets {they’re white} and I really like it, but now you have me wanting to rip them all out and just do tons of shelving. Keep up all the fun posts. 🙂

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