Our Home Tour: The Living Room

Today you get to see the living room! I am sure you are thrilled. If you have missed any of this here home tour just click on the home button and scroll on down.

The living room has been through several changes since we moved in to this house. You see, for almost the whole first year we left the upstairs “unfinished.” Meaning, we didn’t paint or really spend any time up there except to sleep, so this downstairs living room became our hang-out spot. It’s the place where we first played with Max when he was a tiny puppy. It’s the place where we spent many hours snuggling our newborn baby boy. Then, when we had saved our money back up and gotten the upstairs a little more liveable, and scored a pretty cute couch and chair at a garage sale, the upstairs family room became the place where the tv was and our new cozy hang-out space. Here is a picture from a year ago.


Since then, this room has become more of a place for people to sit and chat while dinner is cooking, or after a meal when you need a comfier place to sit than on the kitchen chairs. We are thinking maybe this winter trying to figure out if that fireplace actual works and then it can be a place to get warm and cozy. Here is what it looks like today.

living room 6

The tv isn’t in here anymore so there was no sense in leaving the couch turned towards the wall, so we turned it around to face the fireplace. I just realized there is some weird square on the wall. I am 85 percent sure it’s just light from the windows.

living room 1

The curtains are from West Elm. (Le Sigh) I have been known to go sit in West Elm and pretend it was my house. True story.

living room 2

My mantle is currently trapped in that stage amongst Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. The mantle is definitely one thing that changes quite often around here.

living room 5

This piece may be my favorite in our house. It once belonged to my grandmother and then spent many years in my parent’s garage, before I gladly rescued it. Can you believe I didn’t paint it? That lovely mustard is original. The suitcases are from garage sales. Those Cheerwine bottles up there are the favors from our wedding. If you are from the North and don’t know what Cheerwine is, come on down and we’ll find some for you to enjoy.

living room 3

That big picture on the wall is awesome right? Ikea. It was a bridal shower gift from some very lovely friends. It was pretty much the only piece of art in our tiny apartment. It makes me want to go on an adventure, and serves as a constant reminder of the coming Kingdom and reign of Jesus. The story behind that is a post for another day.

living room 4

So, there ya have it. The living room in all her glory. Come on over, we will sit on the couch and sip Cheerwine while Brandon cooks dinner. 🙂


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